How to schedule an email in gmail? : Easy Step by Step Guide

Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to remember when to send which email sitting in a draft. For example, you have a saved birthday wish for a friend which you’ll likely forget on their birthday. This problem can get severe if you forget a business related or an important work related email. Here is how you can schedule an email in Gmail so that you don’t have to worry about remembering when to send it. The method we’ll be using is the Google Sheet Script method which is a pre- scripted spreadsheet which will be customised for your Gmail account and it comes as an add-on.

To schedule an email in Gmail using Google Sheet Scripts, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Email Scheduler and add it.

2. The app would ask you for your permission to run so you need to click on “Continue” to authenticate.

3. A permissions page will open up separately. After that click “Allow”.

4. The video tutorial will pop up which will explain what I am explaining in this guide so you can feel free to skip it.

5. Compose any emails in your Gmail account and save it to the drafts.

6. Then, open the email scheduler sheet again. Select Add-Ons > Email Scheduler >Configure. The scheduler will then fetch all your drafts and all your scheduler activity will be logged in on the spreadsheet.

7. Then from the dialog box on the right-hand side, chose the draft that you want to schedule. Set a date and time to it and click on Schedule.

8. The message will be scheduled and the status of delivery will be updated as it is sent.

This way you will be updated with what drafts have been scheduled, not scheduled, delivered or not delivered. Also, it is an easy way to get your work done at one time without worrying about opening your email account every single day just to send an email.