Top Music Apps You Must Use If You Are A Music Addict


Music is one of the best ways to entertain yourself while you’re on a trip or sitting free on your bed rolling around looking for entertainment. There are a dozen of music applications who claim to give you one of the best collection of songs for free.

But for customers like you and me it’s a bit of a confession to pick the best one out. These application provide you almost the same features but with minor differences. So today we are here to discuss the top 5 music applications available for all platforms you can think of:-

Top 5 Music application

  • Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming application that is taking people by storm. Users don’t need to download any song or search for music one after another, Spotify searches an entire list of songs according to artist, mood or albums. It plays your music in a radio style which actually makes it more accurate and easy to listen playlist.

Spotify searches for every possible song according to your search which in turn plays the whole night if you want. You can either listen to the app for free but with advertisements and downloading option or pay for subscription which gives you extra perks.

Availability: Android & iOS

  1. 4shared

4Shared is an exciting application that is quite different from its competitors and that is why it is second on our list. 4Shared in total contains a list of approximately 5,956,919 tracks in the app itself. You can listen to any song you desire, search for some random song, look according to artist, album or movie you like and download them as per your wish.

The music automatically enters its 15GB 4Shared cloud folder, making it easier to download and search again. The high quality music can blow your mind off, it seriously gives you option to choose the music quality according to your Internet capability.

Availability: Android & iOS

    1. Pandora

Pandora is yet another application that mostly copies Spotify in regards to its features and choice of music collection. Pandora is also a personal radio station where music is played according to your prefered artist, mood or album. It creates a whole new playlist for you that makes your entertainment easier than before.

The good thing is that you need not to specify your choice every time to Pandora as it can recognize your choice of music after few days of listening to songs regularly. It has the ability to keep yu entertained with new songs and music every time you open the application!

Availability: Android & iOS

Recently Showbox also test music streaming feature on its app but it is has been removed in the latest update of the app. But for the Movie Streaming Showbox is the best option. You Download Show Box APK easily by direct search on Google because the app is not availbale at Google Playstore.

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one app that does not need any introduction to Android users. It is an in built application for Android based devices be it Tablets or smartphones. It is one marketplace where you’ll find any music or song easily available with simple user interface.

Your experience gets better and better with regular use as Google Play tends to recognize your choice and gives you the options you would love to hear. It can be used for free or with a minimal subscription. It does provide you an option to listen to songs offline as well.

Availability: Android only


  1. RockMyRun

RockMyRun provides you a great playlist according to your choice.  It is best for exercising purposes. RockMyRun will provide you with unlimited  DJ Mix songs that makes you energetic for your workout in the morning. It allows you to listen one of the best DJ Mix songs ever. You surely don’t want to bet on it

Availability: Android only

  Final Words

All the apps mentioned above are the most downloaded and trusted application for this decade at least. You can rely on the apps to provide you the best entertainment in regards to music at least. You can try downloading them and let us know your experience by writing your comments below. Thank you!